Online Photography Courses

Here at Sharp Shots, we want everyone to get creative with their camera and unleash their inner creative potential. Over the last few years, we have developed some fantastic online courses both live and on-demand, to inspire the next generation of photographers. All our courses have been designed by Lillie, our founder of Sharp Shots.

These courses can be done anywhere, you just need access to the internet.  We offer a variety of different courses to suit all age ranges and skills. Take a look below to check out our online courses.

Kids and Teens Courses

We understand teaching kids and teens requires a different approach to keep them engaged and learning, especially online.  All our courses are designed to meet the needs of the age group. Many of our students have started with us from a young age and progressed to our more advanced teen courses achieving impressive results throughout.

Kids Online Courses

Learn more about our kids on-demand and Zoom courses!

Teens Online Courses

Learn more about our teens on-demand and Zoom courses!

On-Demand Courses

Our On-Demand course caters for those who are happy to develop and progress at their own rate! It will consist of an expertly crafted course that will cover many different subject areas to help you become a better photographer. We provide courses that cater for all abilities and levels!

What’s included in the course?

  • Lesson modules with both video and text tutorials
  • Fun assignments and quizzes
  • Access to loads of resources that will help you through the course
  • Individual feedback on produced work
  • Lifetime access to the course

Zoom Courses

At Sharp Shots, we understand that sometimes face-to-face or live teaching can be a great benefit due to the immediateness of things like feedback and guidance. That’s why we have created an online Zoom course!

What’s included in the course?

  • The Zoom workshops will be led by an experienced and professional photographer
  • Small class sizes
  • Interactive lessons with fun activities
  • Immediate feedback and guidance
  • Students will be taking photographs throughout the workshop