This week’s theme of “action” at our after school photography clubs was met with a huge cheer from the students! This is one of the themes that means they get to run around while also taking photos.

The idea this week was to get the children taking sharp shots of a moving object. We introduced the camera’s shutter to the kids and explained that when they press the shutter button it opens and shuts the “shutter door”. They needed a fast shutter to catch movement but to make sure the shot was still sharp.

They used a setting on the cameras called “take a series of pictures” and they could also use the self-timer to take moving shots of themselves.

One thing the students at our photography workshops for children love to do is take shots of water. This week’s theme was perfect for making moving water look completely still!

You can see some of the best shots below and to check out photos from our previous children’s photography workshops head to our Gallery.

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