This week the students brought a toy or two from home to photograph. Our young photographers learned how to include their toy in every image, making sure each image was different. Students were encouraged to be creative with their scene settings on their cameras and to try new things! (super far away, really up close, above, below, side-view) and they used any scene setting they wanted and the more they used the better! In this session the children learned how to take different photographs of the same subject and used different scene settings depending on the type of photograph they were taking.

Our photography kids had great fun completing this week’s theme creating some wonderful images and showed some really creative ideas!

Check out some of their photographs!:

The students learned how to use ‘forced perspective’ which helped them to think outside of the box, changing the angle of the camera and the placement of the people or objects in the frame to make the photo seem different to how it looks in real life.

Our photography after school club is not only fun but is designed to encourage children to learn new skills and discover their own creative talents in order to produce beautiful and inventive photographs.

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