As well as teaching our students how to notice colour and light in their surroundings we also encourage them to use the black and white setting on their cameras to make a study of tone and texture. Often removing the colour from an image can allow the viewer to really see what the photographer wishes them to.

We asked out children to spend this session finding objects around the playground that they could photograph in black and white. We asked them to look for patterns and textures as well as interesting light. They got super creative.

Take a look at what they camera up with:


Sharp Shots Photo Club Black & White theme

Annika has made this super photo of a sunflower.

Sharp Shots Photo Club Black & White theme

Lottie managed to find great texture and colour in this shot of a spiky chestnut on the ground.

Sharp Shots Photo Club Black & White theme

Amalia made this of some pretty daisies. If you look really closely you will see the tiny bumble bee too.


Eliana made this fab image of a hornet that was on the table outside. We think it looks a bit like a Marvel character!