Recently Brooklands held their annual ‘Brooklands Young Photographer’ competition, and our Sharp Shots founder Lillian was delighted to be a guest judge. There were over 70 images submitted from children under 16 and they had a tough time choosing the winners. The photographs submitted had to describe the theme of the competition which was “Every picture tells a story.”  There are many wonderful stories to be told about all the treasures of Brooklands, and the young photographers took excellent shots portraying them.  We enjoyed teaching the children more about portraying each plane and car’s story in our children’s photography courses. Below is the Over All winning images by Noah aged 12. What a great image! You can see the rest of the images and winners here. 



Sharp Shots hold photography courses for children at Brooklands throughout the year and many of the children who attend our children’s photography workshops enter their images into this competition every year. On our Brooklands photography course for kids, the students will explore the treasures the museum has to offer including the Concord, the interiors of many planes, and all the beautiful antique automobiles. The children will learn how to take more thought provoking images, and we will explain how to take great shots using composition and perspective. These techniques often result in the children from our courses winning the competition. Our next photography courses are in October, please visit our courses pages here if you would like to know more about our photography for kids courses.

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