An Autumn Photography Course at Treacle Gallery in Shere for Children age 10+

Autumn Colours, Leaves and Landscapes  I will teach the children how to use their own cameras to capture nature at it’s best. We will go over the exposure triangle and I will show them how to use the various functions on their own camera. We will spend a good deal of time on understanding depth of field and how to capture the beautiful colours of autumn using the correct camera settings.  We will go over fast vs slow shutter speeds and throwing the autumn leaves into the air to photograph them sharply and blurred. I will show the children slides of famous photographer’s work which will help them understand how to compose their images. We will go out on a walk in the Surrey Hills to apply their new skills, capturing the beauty of nature along the way. The course is for children age 10+, & please pack a lunch for your child. The course will run Tuesday, October 27th from 10-2pm at Treacle Gallery in Shere and the fee is £50. There are only 6-7 children in the course.

To book you can pay with paypal below or contact us for an invoice to pay with bank transfer or cheque.