Bugs, bubbles and story telling at after school photography club

We have had another mix-matched week at after school photography club this week! Last weeks theme was bugs and bubbles, but because it rained for the second half of the week, 2/4 clubs had to skip to this weeks theme of ‘tell me a story in 9 frames’. So this week we decided to do it in reverse! 

The first two clubs photographed the theme ‘tell me a story in 9 frames’. The theme title pretty much explains what it is about! We asked the children to think about a story they could tell in 9 photographs. We chose 9 photos so that they can be displayed in grid style in their photo journals that they receive at the end of term. The aim of this theme is to get the children to really think about each frame and how it will work as a story. Here’s what they came up with:
















For the second half of the week it was back to bugs and bubbles! This weeks weather is a lot better so the kids were able to get some great shots! We even found a tiny lizard! Here are this weeks sharp shooters:










We hope you have a really great half term! If you’re looking for something to do with the kids or teens then head to our courses page and book onto one of our half term workshops! We will be posting photos from the courses and workshops on our Instagram, Twitter and Facebook so get connected with those to stay up to date!