This week is all about taking a sharp shot of a moving object. In our after school photo clubs across Surrey, we are teaching kids how to set their cameras so that it would take a ‘burst’ or series of shots if they want to capture someone running, jumping or playing with a ball. Action photography is great for taking super sharp photos of people doing sports, like these few photos taken by professional photographers Bob Martin (left), Joe Farce (middle) and Rachel Neville (right).

Bob Martin Joe Farace Rachel Neville

Shutter is like a little door on the camera that opens to let the light in and capture the information on a sensor at the back of the camera. To take a good action shot, it is really important to have your camera set on a fast shutter speed which will make the shutter open and close in a fraction of a second! Our students loved taking action shots and they got really creative with the type of action they were trying to capture. Here are a few amazing shots our sharp shooters took!

tillingbourne-action-isabel1683 tillingbourne-action-dylan1375 tillingbourne-action-charley2091

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