Capturing winter photography course for kids and teens at Treacle Gallery in Shere

Our last photography course of the Christmas break was ‘Capturing Winter’. This course was held at the perfect location for beautiful winter scenes- Shere in Surrey. The kids and teens were taught how to use their cameras, including finding their scene settings, working with aperture, shutter speed and ISO. They also learn about composition and moving their camera around to find different angles to make their images more interesting. There is lots to photograph in Shere, from the church to the Christmas lights and the beautiful landscapes.


The kids (ages 7-11) course was in the morning so they had great light to work with. They loved capturing winter through their lens. 






The teens (12-15) course ran in the afternoon which meant they had a bit of light at the start, then we slowly lost it. We purposefully made the teens course longer (4hrs) so that they could learn about photographing in different lights. Firstly they learnt about aperture, photographing close ups by the church. Then we went into the church so the teens could learn about how using their ISO is important in low light situations. We then walked up the hill so we could photograph the beautiful landscapes surrounding the village before the sun set. We were hoping for a lovely sunset but it was too cloudy – some things you can’t control!

Once the dark started to fall we head back down to Treacle Gallery to have a snack, warm up and get ready for the second half of the course. As it was now dark, we introduced torches and our brilliant light wands to the teens. We talked about the various ways you can use your shutter speed on a slow setting to draw with light. Kids, teens and adults alike all love it! Here are some of the teens best photographs from the afternoon photography course:













Our next course at Treacle Gallery in Shere is Studio Portraits. If your teen would like to take part in this course, click here