Draw it & Take it!

In our after school photography Clubs, we taught our students how to plan a photograph. The students learned how great photographers will go to great lengths to get the photo they want. Our students started with whiteboards and we asked each phtographer to draw what they wanted to photograph. Our students had a choice to use the whiteboard in any way they wanted and we encouraged them to try to incorporate the board into the photo.

Some students drew activities they liked to do and then photographed themselves with the whiteboard; others thought about how they can care for nature, and some of our amazing photographers used the whiteboard to draw an object and then photographed the object as the ‘the missing piece’ of the photo. Our after school photography clubbers created lots of really interesting, fun photographs.

This assignment was a great way to teach our students to think before they press the shutter button. Every week brings new challenges (sometimes even in the form of a downpour) and our students did a brilliant job of thinking ahead, planning, and using their imagination.

We think their photos are very creative and visionary as each student created a new story to tell with each image.


































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