This weeks after school photography club theme was Drawing with light and the kids LOVED it!

A few weeks ago at after school photography club the kids learnt how to use fast shutter speeds (see Photographing Water). This week is all about slowing those shutter speeds down. Drawing with light is surprisingly easy and the images are always so cool. At our after school clubs we use Nikon Coolpix w100 cameras which have a ‘Firework’ setting. This setting is perfect for our light drawing theme. We make the room dark and use our brilliant light sticks & torches to make cool patterns or draw shapes. The firework setting mimics a slow shutter speed on a DSLR, allowing the lights to be waved around for a while before the shutter closes again. 

Every week we look at work by established photographers/artists to inspire the children. This week we looked at Pablo Picasso, Jan Leonardo & Lightmark

Pablo Picasso

Jan Leonardo









There were many screams of “WOW!” and “THIS IS AWESOME” at our clubs this week. We love to see the kids get excited about photography! Here are some of the best images from our drawing with light theme:… it was hard to choose!

Tillingbourne Junior School:









St. Pauls Primary School: 









Holy Trinity Primary School:









Bushy Hill Junior School:









Boxgrove Primary School:









Everyone has loved drawing with light this week and the photographs the kids have taken are incredible. If you love these photos, you’ll love our Instagram page! We post all our kids & teens photos, as well as little photos & videos of the kids & teens in action. Click here to find our page! If you’re interested in finding out more about our After School Photography Clubs then head to our After School Club page! We also run day workshops in schools, if this is something you would be interested in, head to our School Photography Workshops page!