Duke of Edinburgh Mobile Phone Photography Course

Sign up for our brand new DofE course! This course focuses on how to take gorgeous photographs solely with your phone. Nowadays, many mobile phones have cameras that rival other traditional digital cameras. So by request, we have introduced the DofE smartphone photography course as a means to prove to people that a large expensive camera is not necessarily needed to take amazing photos!

By signing up for this course, you will learn all of the essential skill and knowledge to take photography to the next level. This will include fundamentals, such as advanced composition, a new outlook on perspective and also photo editing to further enhance your photos.

This Duke of Edinburgh Smartphone Photography course is both online and on-demand, catering for students who wish for flexibility and the ability to start their course when it suits them, rather than adhering to a specific schedule.

Use your smartphone to open up your full creative potential!

This Course Includes:

  • 12 weekly online lesson modules using videos and tutorials as well as access to online resources
  • Tips and tricks on how to edit and enhance photos
  • End of course assessment, DofE skills reporting and sign off
  • How to master composition and storytelling to create a portfolio
  • Access to the “members only” Facebook group to share work with other students to give and gain inspiration and feedback.
  • Smartphone camera proficiency and a starting block to progress to DSLR photography and qualifications
  • Highly experienced and knowledgeable tutors
  • Knowledge on how to use different smartphone camera features
  • Flexibility of On-Demand
  • Meets the strict skill requirements of the Bronze and Silver DofE Award
  • Technical learnings of photography

Mastering the art of camera phone photography

The DofE Smartphone Photography Course is designed to teach you how to compose and capture high-quality photos, and also to enhance and edit them to create a stunning result. Each student will learn how to use different features on their phone cameras in order to create the perfect shot, whether it’s a family photo, landscape photo or even a picture of a pet.

Learn From Professionals

Our online Duke of Edinburgh Smartphone Photography Course is led by Lillian Spibey. Lillian is a professional photographer, Sharp Shots founder and highly experienced photography teacher to teens and young people. Lillian provides patience and expertise, whilst ensuring that tuition is productive and fun!



1. Does it matter what smartphone I use?

Not at all, we welcome any model and type. We use an iPhone on the course, however, the course is created with material applicable to all smartphones.

2. How long is the course?

The course will take place over 12 weeks, with one lesson opening each week. As it is an online on-demand course, the lessons will be readily available to watch online each week as the course progresses.

3. Can I share my images during the course?

We have created a closed Facebook group that is only accessible to our DofE online smartphone photography course members. We use this page as a space to share images, and also draw inspiration and feedback from others.

4. What is the layout of the course?

There will be a video lesson & course information for each weekly assignment as well as loads of photography tips and tricks!

5. What do I receive at the end when I have completed the course?

Once you’ve sent in your final portfolio of images, we will then complete your DofE skills assessment. You will receive a certificate of completion from us and you will have a portfolio of your work to show off to family and friends. Parents – there will now be a new designated photographer to record all of your family holidays and events!

6. What is the course content?

There will be a video introduction from Lillie, as well as a welcome information providing an introduction to the course. The topics covered in lessons are as follows:

  • Lesson 1: Focus
  • Lesson 2: Light
  • Lesson 3: Close-ups
  • Lesson 4: Sunsets
  • Lesson 5: Action
  • Lesson 6: Black and White
  • Lesson 7: Perspective
  • Lesson 8: Rule of Thirds
  • Lesson 9: Frame Within a Frame
  • Lesson 10: Still Life
  • Lesson 11: Self Portraits
  • Lesson 12: Editing

Get ready to get inspired!