“Thanks a lot, I thoroughly enjoyed the course and learnt a huge amount of information about my camera and its settings” Ziggy “William really enjoyed and got a lot out of the online tutorial yesterday. He is raring to go with his assignment for this week. I’m also looking forward to seeing the photos he takes with the new skills he learns. Thank you!” Vanessa “I would also like to say a big thank you to you. I think that the course has been very well & professionally run. Jonathan has been very excited, inspired & motivated by it – and has also taught his dad how to use the camera properly!!” Isobel “Molly really enjoyed the course and had great fun coming up with ideas each week and then executing them. I’m really proud of her for her efforts and she has produced some really lovely photographs. I think she will have a lifelong passion for photography as a result.” Andrew “An inspirational course that really switched our students on to the possibilities of photography” M Watson, Head of Art, Duke of Kent School, Surrey “Thank you for providing your photography course online. You were so positive and encouraging!” Samantha

slide-out-dofeWe are the first approved Duke of Edinburgh Award photography skills provider with a license to assess and teach students, as we have done since 2015! Sharp Shots meet the rigorous requirements needed for a DofE skills award for both Bronze and Silver Award. We ensure that each and every student is taught all of the necessary photographic skills and techniques to not only allow them to pass the DofE photography skill set but also to make them great photographers.

We offer both online and in-person DofE photography skills courses, making sure that there is something for everyone regardless of where you are!

What Makes Us Stand Out?

  • We are the first approved DofE Photography Skills provider
  • The number 1 photography club for teens
  • Professional guidance and lots of experience teaching teens
  • Over 1000 students have achieved their DofE with us
  • We offer online on-demand, online live Zoom DofE classes also in-person workshops
  • No third party involvement, the entirety of the course is specifically designed and carried out by Sharp Shots

Course Content and Skills Taught

  • Students work is reviewed regularly
  • Email & social media guidance throughout the course
  • 12 weeks of photographic assignments
  • Learn how to make the most of your DSLR or smartphone
  • Learn about composition
  • Working with different themes such as portraits, landscapes and wildlife
  • Learn how to post-process images using photoshop

In-Person DofE Courses

  • Engage in fun and informative workshops
  • Instant tuition and feedback
  • Learn as you shoot
  • Experiment with new skills whilst they are fresh in your mind
  • Inspire and be inspired by others in the group
  • Final Assessment, DofE reporting & sign off

Online & Zoom DofE Courses

  • Complete on-demand course around your own schedule
  • 12 weekly lesson modules
  • Access to ‘members only’ Facebook group
  • Feedback and guidance through email and social media
  • Final Assessment, DofE reporting & sign off

Smartphone DofE Page

  • How to master composition
  • Flexibility of on-demand
  • Casual feedback
  • Technical learnings of photography
  • Learn how to make the most of the camera that fits in your pocket
  • Final Assessment, DofE reporting & sign off

Bronze and Silver Awards

Here at Sharp Shots we offer courses for both Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards. Both awards are highly regarded by colleges, universities and also employers. Our DofE courses are a great way to achieve your skills award through a fun and creative medium. Anyone looking to fulfil their skills section and complete their award is now easier than ever!

View the short video above to learn more!

DofE Bronze Award

If you are looking to complete your bronze award, then the Sharp Shots DofE photography course is ideal as it covers the three-months skills section requirements. The fact that this can be achieved online means you can complete the course at a convenient location for you and you can uncover the photographic gems of your local area.

Our expert photographers will always be on hand to offer advice and support so it is as easy as possible for you to pass your skills section and get closer to obtaining a DofE Bronze Award that looks great on your CV and could give you the passport for a future you have always dreamed of.

DofE Silver Award

If you are taking on the challenging DofE silver award, then you can make a three or six-month skills section much easier to complete with our online DofE Silver Award Photography Skills course. Through engaging, webinars and social media support you can cross this part of your award off easily. Our fun and the exciting course can help you to have a deeper understanding of the art of photography and help to develop your hobby and passion into a career you can pursue.

Whatever your style of photography, our experienced photographers will offer their expert tips and advice to help you to pass your assessment and learn as much as possible about this powerful and captivating art form.