Photography Courses Online – Duke Of Edinburgh Award

For those who are looking to enhance their photography skills as part of their Duke of Edinburgh award, we can provide the right level of tuition for them. Our online course has been designed to give them all they need to progress and enhance their photography skills as part of their award.

The course provides an Accredited Assessment for Duke of Edinburgh Photography Skills.

Our photography courses online are professionally created in order to fall in line with the specific requirements of the Duke of Edinburgh award. We have the experience, knowledge, and understanding to help create and deliver our courses in a way that makes learning both exciting and rewarding.

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Bronze Award Video Tutorial Online Photography Courses

The aim of our online photography courses is to enable those who are over the age of 14 to enhance their current skills and learn about photography.

The Bronze award course is spread over 12 weeks and comes with 3 webinars.

This enables students to maximise their potential and benefit from a course that is structured and spread out over a period that enhances and improves the way in which they learn.

DofE Photography Course Modules

The course will provide students with the ability to:

  • Use a DSLR camera and its functions
  • Improve their knowledge about composition
  • Work with natural and artificial light and using filters
  • Create a portfolio of themes such as wildlife or portrait photography
  • Use photo editing applications to help them add effects, re-touch digital images

Limited to 16 Places Per Course with Personal Tuition

The course will begin at a set date and there is a maximum of 16 students per class, ensuring that all students receive the correct level of interaction with tutors. They will cover 12 modules that come with video and graphic tutorials to help enhance their learning experience. Each module is well-structured and designed in a way that helps them to increase their knowledge and skills in photography.

Zoom Webinar Online Classes – 90 Minute Tutoring Sessions

Students will have access to Zoom webinar tutorials, which can be accessed at a specific date and time. The webinars will take place at the start of the course, in the middle and at the end, with all webinars being 90 minutes in length.

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