School Photography Workshop with Durston House School at Brooklands Museum

Last week we headed to one of our favourite and most popular photography spots- Brooklands Museum! Here we were met by the year 8 boys from Durston House Prep School. The boys were split into two groups- one group learning photography with us, and the other having a tour of the museum. Then after lunch we switched around. 

The boys took to the cameras really well and were soon pushing all the buttons to see what else it could do. We were lucky enough to have some of Brooklands volunteers ride their vintage motorbikes around the tracks for the boys to photograph. This doesn’t usually happen so it was a great opportunity for the Durston House boys to get some really cool shots. 






We headed over to the cars next- definitely a favourite with the teenage boys! We encouraged them to think about their camera angle. Get down low and point your camera up, think about leading lines and don’t forget about close ups of details!










All the details and lines found in the engines at Brooklands museum can make really amazing photos. 










Lastly was the planes. The biggest thing to photograph but that means you can get some really dramatic photos of it. The boys were also able to go inside to photograph the controls!










If your school would like to take part in a schools photography workshop then click here and get in touch!