Our first Photography course this Easter Holiday was at Brooklands Museum! This venue is very popular with kids and teens who love all things engines, cars and planes! They learn all about how their camera works and how to capture the perfect sharp shot. We had the perfect weather for yesterday’s course at Brooklands. The clear blue skies made for some great airplane shots! We were able to photograph close ups of engines all the way to action shots of cars zooming around the tracks! The images the kids and teens produce are always of a very high standard- here are a few of our favourites from yesterdays course!


Another reflection, but this time into the window of a car. There is so much to look at in this shot!


The blue skies are a perfect background for photographing planes!


Can you work this photograph out? Its a reflection! Very clever.


Lovely use of aperture to get this shot of the exhaust nice and sharp with the rest of the engine blurred out.

A lovely sharp close up

A lovely sharp close up

Capturing these cars zooming around the tracks is so fun!

Capturing these cars zooming around the tracks is so fun!

If you’re interested in signing up for a future course at Brooklands Museum, then head to our website by clicking here!