This is the final week at our after school photography clubs before they break up for the Christmas holidays! This week is always an exciting one as the children receive their journals. Full to the brim with all the best photographs they have taken this term.

An exciting delivery of journals!

An exciting delivery of journals!

We spend time looking through their images and talking about their favourites, which theme they enjoyed the most and which one they found the most challenging. And, of course, eating lots of yummy party snacks!


A photography club wouldn’t be a photography club if we didn’t take any photographs. So once the children have filled themselves up with biscuits and signed each others journals, we will head outside (brr!) and set the children a photography challenge. As its the festive season, we will ask the children to see if they can organically find each letter of the word ‘Christmas’. They will have to really use their eyes and imagination to find the letters within their surroundings. The first child to spell the word will get a prize!


Heres some great examples of letters found in nature and put together to create the alphabet! Its a challenge but lots of fun! Why not try it for yourself?