This week it is all about framing in our after school photography clubs! We are using a piece of mount board as a literal frame to help physically frame up a photograph, and photographing things close up and far away, using multiple frames, working together, and framing shadows and clouds. Here are a few shots from our talented students.

20160517-Henry Currie-Frame Within a Frame-0871 20160517-Isabel Sayers-Frame Within a Frame-0670 20160517-Caera Dye-Frame Within a Frame-0581 20160517-Jake Temple-Frame Within a Frame-2859 20160517-Charley Wade-Frame Within a Frame-0727 20160517-Eve Scott-Frame Within a Frame-0627

Framing is a technique used by many famous photographers to draw attention to the subject. Some photographers, like Ioana Burtea use a literal frame to do this.

Ioana Burtea

Others, like Ansel Adams and Michael Freeman have used objects found in the environment to frame a shot.

Ansel Adams Framing Michael Freeman Framing

Frames can be found everywhere and our sharp shooters were excellent at finding them in their school yard! Below are just a few examples.

20160517-Isabel Sayers-Frame Within a Frame-0820 20160517-Martin Bell-Frame Within a Frame-1901 20160517-Harry Dunsten-Frame Within a Frame-1204 20160517-Dylan Marin-Frame Within a Frame-0198 20160517-Eve Scott-Frame Within a Frame-0635

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