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At Sharp Shots Photo Club, we are very excited to introduce our brand-new online photography courses. We have been working hard, putting together our experience and knowledge from our location courses into an exciting online format. What’s more, you can start your learning journey by experiencing one of our insightful and enjoyable online photography tips courses for free.

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Online Photography Courses for Kids

To celebrate the upcoming launch of our new online photography courses, we will be offering our photography tips courses for free. Using our years of experience and wealth of expertise, we have compiled our top photography tips into a free compilation course. With this free course, you can discover insider tips which can instantly improve your photography.

Our professional photographers will share their secrets so that you can make the most out of your camera. Get more out of the composition, lighting and manual functions of your camera with our free course and see the difference it can make to your art. This course is the ideal starter for people who are excited about photography and want to improve their skills using our online courses.

Learn Photography Online for Teens

Launching in summer/autumn 2018 are our two beginner courses specifically designed for kids and teenagers. Our beginner online course for kids is ideal for ages 7 to 11. Our professional photographers regularly host workshops for kids in amazing venues. We have captured this excitement in our online courses too. What’s more, our founder regularly features on kid’s TV shows, inspiring more children to take part in a fantastic art form.

We will also be launching our beginner online photography course for teens. Ideal for ages 12 and upwards, this course hopes to inspire budding your photographers to really get to grips with their camera. The course helps young adults start thinking like a professional photographer so they can capture truly stunning shots.

For both our kids and teen courses, we adapt our style and level of detail to suit the age ranges. Our new online photography course ensures that everyone can learn at their own pace and have lots of fun in the process.

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Once we launch, you can expect to see lots more courses appearing on our site including GCSE photography resource courses, Arts Award photography courses and Duke of Edinburgh award courses. We’ll also ensure everyone can progress from the beginner courses with our intermediate and advanced classes too. Make sure you don’t miss out on any of our course launch dates and enjoy our free photography course by signing up to our newsletter below.

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