The theme this week is ‘hide and seek’ in our photography for kids after school club and the children have been using ‘Where’s Wally’ books as inspiration for their images. They have been hiding in landscapes and taking photos, either in groups or in self timer, and getting the other children to guess where they are in the image. It was really nice to see them working in pairs; some of the children decided to work with others that they haven’t paired with yet which was really lovely and showed how much they are learning about team work when it comes to making a great image. There were a lot of incredible and really creative photos because of this! They also used different functions on the cameras to make it harder for them to be seen in the photos; for example, they worked out that making an image in black and white made it a lot harder to spot them in the image because they blended in.

Here are some of the great hide and seek images from this week’s after school photography classes. See if you can spot the kids! You can also see more photos at our gallery here, or use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get updates of our kids photography club and photography courses for children straight to your phone.