This week at our after school photography clubs we are playing a game of Hide and Seek!

The after school photography club students were tasked to pair up or work in small groups and direct their subject to hide somewhere in the school yard so they can take a photograph of them, much like in ‘Where’s Wally’ books. They were also told to be creative and use water, shrubs, leaves, benches, reflections to name a few as possible hiding places for their partners.

In order to inspire the kids, we showed them photos by famous photographers, including  Bruno Barbey, Richard Kalvar and Martin Parr.

Kids photography clubs

Bruno Barbey

Children's photography workshops

Richard Kalvar

kids photo club

Martin Parr








The kids really enjoyed this theme and found some really cool places to hide! They hid in the bushes, behind trees, leaves and walls, and came up with some extra creative ideas like photographing a reflection in a puddle or window. We encouraged the kids to direct their partners so they would get the shot they imagined and to explore some of the themes we did in previous weeks like, ant’s perspective, water and black and white in order to build on their previous knowledge.

Here are our sharp shooters for the week!

Tillingbourne Junior School

Kids photography club


After school photography club








St. Pauls Primary School

Surrey kids clubs


After school photo club surrey








Bushy Hill Junior School

After school photography club


Kids after school photography club








Boxgrove Primary School

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Both us and the kids really enjoyed this theme. It got everyone working together and discussing ideas, coming up with creative ways to implement ideas or vision for the photograph. We are active on social media and post our sharp shooter photos, events and upcoming exhibitions on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.  If you are interested in finding out more about our After School Photography Clubs or you wish to register your interest, then head to our website and have a look at our After School Club page! Also have a look at the website if you are interested in our After School Photography Workshops or our Photography Courses for Kids.