It’s all about selfies this week and we thought we give out some tips on how to take a selfie that really stands out!

1. Visualise the type of photograph you want to create. Fun, moody, mysterious? Here is a selection of some great professional selfies:

Jeanloop Sief Sina Rahmati Vivienne Mayer

2. Try using the self-timer function

Sharp Shots Photo Club-Selfies-T-CW-2 Sharp Shots Photo Club-Selfies-T-DD-2 Sharp Shots Photo Club-Selfies-SP-EG-1900

3. Try different backgrounds and perspectives

Sharp Shots Photo Club-Selfies-SP-JW-1622 Sharp Shots Photo Club-Selfies-T-DM-2 Sharp Shots Photo Club-Selfies-T-JT-1


And don’t forget to have lots and lots of fun!