We are so excited to be back with our after school photo clubs! Our first theme of the Autumn term is “I like to take photos of…” where the kids get to explore different features of their Nikon cameras, and take photos of everything and anything they like! We showed our students a few photos from acclaimed photographers to get their creativity going, like this amazing action shot by Abbas, portrait by Eve Arnold and a nature shot by Steve Palmer.

COLOMBIA. Near Guapi. 1976.

COLOMBIA. Near Guapi. 1976.

eve-arnold  steve-palmer-wildlife-photographer-of-the-year








We loved seeing the kids explore their cameras and here are a few fantastic shots from week 1 of photo clubs!

dscn3002 dscn2769_mod dscn2623_mod

dscn2512 dscn2834_mod dscn2947

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