This week at After School Photography Clubs the kids have been thinking about and photographing what they love.

Next week is Half Term but it’s also Valentines Day, so we decided to base this weeks theme around ‘I love’. We asked the kids to think about things that they love. This could be things they love about themselves (how they look, what they’re good at), things they love doing, people they love etc. The idea of this theme is to encourage positivity in our students and to get them to photograph their attributes creatively. 

This week we showed the children photographs by famous photographers Andy Gott, Julian Finney and Sandro Miller to give them some ideas about how to photograph what they love.

Andy Gott

Julian Finney

Sandro Miller








We first asked the children to think about and write down 10 things that they love. Here are a few of their lists:







We then asked them to think about how they could represent those things through their photographs. Some of them were quite challenging but they did really well! Here are our Sharp Shooters for this week:

Tillingbourne Junior School:

Jake – ‘I love nature’

Niamh – ‘I love sport’







Holy Trinity Primary School:

Ruben – ‘I love swimming’

Ruby – ‘I love the sun’








St. Pauls Primary School:

Gabriella – ‘I love my friends’

Skye – Looking through rose tinted glasses







Bushy Hill Junior School:

Evie – ‘I love running and jumping’

Jack – ‘I love black and white’







Boxgrove Primary School:

Aidan – ‘I love to play’

Annie – ‘I love being outside’







The children did really well this week thinking about and photographing what they love and the photographs they have taken are brilliant! If you love these photos, you’ll love our Instagrampage! We post all our kids & teens photos, as well as little photos & videos of the kids & teens in action. Click here to find our page! If you’re interested in finding out more about our After School Photography Clubs then head to our After School Club page! We also run day workshops in schools, if this is something you would be interested in, head to our School Photography Workshops page.