Yesterday we had our first photography course at Scotney Castle in Kent. Scotney Castle is a beautiful location which offers so much diversity in photographic content. A perfect location for photography courses for kids and teens! We had a beautiful (sunny!) day exploring the grounds of the castle through the lens of a camera.

In the morning we had our kids group (age 7-11). The theme of this course was ‘Looking at Landscapes’. We started by talking to the kids about how their cameras work and how to compose a great photograph. Then we head out, using Scotney Castle’s beautiful setting as inspiration, teaching our students how to compose great landscapes through their lenses. We also discussed how to take great detail shots, making sure our students understood how to use their focus and macro settings correctly.

Scotney Easter Course-20170406-9494 Scotney Easter Course-20170406-9511 Scotney Easter Course-20170406-9463

Next was our teens course (ages 12-15). The theme for this course was ‘Telling a story through landscapes’. Similar to the kids course, we discussed how the camera works and how to compose a great photo. However we focused a lot more on dropping auto and moving on to full manual mode. Enabling them to capture images not possible on auto. The students learnt how to use aperture to provide great sharpness for their landscapes. As well as how to compose a eye catching image of Scotney Castle. We also worked with slow and fast shutter speeds, teaching our students how to make their images more intriguing.

Scotney Easter Course-20170406-9524 Scotney Easter Course-20170406-9551 Scotney Easter Course-20170406-9557

Here are some of our favourite images from the day (it was so hard to choose!):

DSC_0136 DSC_0448 copy IMG_0044 IMG_0021 DSC_0494 IMG_8487 IMG_0197 IMG_0174 IMG_0343

Overall a great day was had by everyone! Keep an eye on our social media pages or courses page on our website for when our next courses at Scotney Castle will be.