We are having lovely weather at the moment so why not go out and practice your landscape photography?! Here are a few suggestions to improve your technique!

1. Location scouting

When you find a landscape you like, take a walk around and look at it from different places and different angles – finding a good view point can really make a good photo great! This shot by Jake Pike was taken from a great location and won him the Youth Classic View prize at Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015.

The cliffs of Swyre Head and Bat's Head in the light of the falling sun, on the Jurassic coast, Dorset, England

The cliffs of Swyre Head and Bat’s Head in the light of the falling sun, on the Jurassic coast, Dorset, England

2. Rule of thirds

Rule of thirds is a useful technique to apply to landscape photography. Imagine the frame divided into three thirds, both horizontally and vertically. Now try placing your horizon line either in the top third of the frame or the bottom third. This photo, which won 2nd place in Dare to explore category in National geographic photo contest for kids, 11 year old Josephine Jennifer Tjahjadie placed the horizon line in the top third of her frame, and had water occupy the bottom two thirds.

Dare to Explore Josephine Jennifer Tjahjadie

3. Reflections

Reflections look great in landscape photography! Find a lake, pond, or puddle and try reflecting your chosen landscape in it! One of our after school photography club students reflected these lovely autumnal colours in a puddle.

william arlett_LIGHT_T_20141117_1977

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