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Learn photography online to develop your photographic skills and allow your creativity to flourish at a time and pace to suit you.

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At Sharp Shots Photo Club, we want to empower your passion for photography. Our expert photographers develop insightful and engaging photography courses so you can learn photography online. We want to inspire photographers of all ages which is why we have a range of courses so children and adults alike can learn photography online.

Photography For Kids As Seen on TV

Lillian Spibey founded Sharp Shots Photo Club with a dream of sharing her knowledge and helping kids, teens and adults to explore their interest in photography. Lillian has been teaching photography for over ten years and focuses explicitly on making photography accessible for younger age ranges.

Lillian regularly appears on children’s TV such as CBBC and CBeebies, helping kids to develop their photography skills.

With Lillian’s expertise, Sharp Shots Photo Club offer a range of courses that are specifically honed to suit all age ranges. With courses designed for kids, teens and adults, we make sure that everyone can learn photography online, wherever they are based.

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Learning photography using online tutorials

When you learn photography with Sharp Shots Photo Club, you will receive access to a range of modules that will help you with the practical knowledge, technical insight as well as encouraging your creativity and artistry. With our courses, you will be learning photography using online tutorials such as video-based learning and graphic elements.

Learning photography using online tutorials means you can learn at a time that is convenient for you. Furthermore, you can set a pace that meets your needs and helps kids to develop their photography skills at a rate that fits their requirements.

As well as allowing you to learn at your own pace, our online photography courses come with a range of support options. If you need help or advice, you can contact our team of professional photographers through social media and email. With support and encouragement as well as engaging online tutorials, you can enjoy learning more about this incredible craft.

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