Yesterday’s Macro photography courses at Hatchlands park were great! We started the day with our morning session (10.30-13.00) for kids aged 7-11. We went over how their cameras worked, which camera settings they would need and then practiced taking close up photographs. Once the kids were feeling confident we headed outside and started putting their new skills to the test. The rain we had that morning benefitted the kids because it meant there were some great big droplets of water to photograph.

DSCN1235 DSCN1241 DSCN6704

The Nikon Coolpix cameras that we hire out to the kids are waterproof. This means they can have loads of fun submerging the camera in water and taking some really cool shots, like these:

DSCN6733 DSCN1300

We explored the gardens and found lots of hidden gems, from flowers, to insects, to sap, even a frog!

DSCN1225 DSCN6792 DSCN1277

The afternoon photography course for teens (ages 12-15) was another great success. The layout of the day is similar to the morning course, however the teens course involves a bit more in depth teaching. We go over how the camera works and the more manual settings they can use to create amazing macro photos. We then head outside and explore whats just been learnt.

Photo 04-04-2017, 14 59 37 hatchlands april 2017-20170404-9343 Photo 04-04-2017, 15 11 48 (1) hatchlands april 2017-20170404-9361 Photo 04-04-2017, 15 19 50 hatchlands april 2017-20170404-9366

Both groups had an amazing time and took some incredible photographs! If you’re interested in attending a photography course with Sharp Shots, the head to our courses page or click here!

hatchlands april 2017-20170404-9293 hatchlands april 2017-20170404-9356