Manchester & Cheshire photography courses for kids and teens

See Manchester's urban cityscapes from a new perspective with our Manchester photography courses for kids.

Photography classes for children and teens in Manchester

Curated by a professional photographer experienced in teaching photography to young people, our Manchester courses for children are designed and curated to combine the fundamentals of photography within a real life setting.

Our Manchester photography courses for kids takes us on an adventure through Manchester old and new – from the sleek modern high rises and street musicians of the city centre to a glimpse of days gone by as we photograph the mills and presses from yesteryear.  Along the way, we’ll capture everything inbetween including the canals and tramways of this iconic city.

If you’re not able to join us on our tour of Manchester, why not try our Tatton Park photography courses for children?  Unique to Sharpshots, these courses capture young people’s imaginations as they photograph the grandeur of the grand hall as well as the flowers, fauna and wildlife of the gardens.

During our Manchester photography course for teens, we’ll learn about the different ways of using the settings on our cameras to take advantage of light and shade as well as getting to grips with composition, layering and texturing.  With its eclectic mix of old and new architecture and vibrant street scenes, our Manchester photography courses for children offer the perfect opportunity for the budding photographer to master their art in a real life setting – not in a studio. During our Manchester photography courses for kids, we’ll get some great shots to take home, including:

  • City centre and squares
  • Historical architecture
  • Canals and waterways
  • Street scenes
  • Industrial architecture
  • Tramways
  • Iconic buildings such as Afflecks Palace and Rough Trade Records

With close proximity to lovely towns such as Didsbury and Chorlton, Manchester is the best of all worlds – as will be evident in the photographs that our young people will take during this unique course.

After School Clubs

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