We have some super exciting news – Sharp Shots are now being supported by the Nikon School for 2017! We will be working with Nikon and using their great range of cameras for all of our students.



The Nikon waterproof/shockproof/wifi Coolpix W100 will be used for our Photography After School clubs and venue courses.


This camera is virtually indestructible, nearly all of our 2015 cameras are in one piece and working well after 18 months of serious hard knocks used daily at our afterschool clubs. They’ve been dropped, thrown, submerged in mucky puddles, left in rivers, lost (and found), sat on…. and still take cracking photos!



The Nikon Coolpix bridge range and Nikon entry level DSLR’s, will be used for our intermediate level courses , teen photography workshops and Duke of Edinburgh Photography Courses offering a great introduction to manual proficiency.



Sharp Shots will be holding a number of joint workshops with Nikon, keep your eyes out for our collaboration next year at the Nikon School in central London, we’ll be holding a great day of Sharp Shots courses at this prestigious location!



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