What surrounds us

We can find patterns in every day life, if we only look close enough. This week at the after school photography clubs the children did just that. They looked closely to find patterns in the classroom,  the school and in the nature.

To inspire them, we showed them some photographs by famous photographers like Jonas Bendiksen and Ferdinando Scianna.  The photography task was, to look closer and from a different perspective, to find patterns in our surroundings.

But what is a pattern? The definition of a pattern is, that it’s a repeated decorative design. We can find patterns on our backpacks, clothes, pencil cases, scarves, walls, etc. And the nature is full of patterns like trees, symmetries, spirals, waves, stripes, foams. The children used the close up mode on their Nikon Coolpix W150 cameras to get really close and capture those patterns that are maybe sometimes hidden in plain sight. They did an excellent job finding and capturing the patterns of our everyday life.



































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