Another great week has gone by at our after school photography clubs and this week the children had an exciting new challenge. They were given the theme of “perspective” and, to help them understand and encourage them to take photographs from different angles, they were all given a toy dinosaur to work with and take on an adventure. The idea was for them to use different perspectives to make the dinosaur look big, or small, and get them splashing around in the mud or climbing up a tree.

Have a pre-historic adventure of your own this half-term by visiting the Natural History Museum in London!

Next week is half-term for our children’s photography workshops, but when we’re back be sure to check out our new theme “shapes and textures”, where the children will have the challenge of making sure their shots are in focus!

You can see some of the best shots from this week below and to check out photos from our previous photography courses for children head to our Gallery.

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