Photography courses for teens: The Photographers Gallery, London

We started this week with 2 days at The Photographers Gallery in London. The first day was covering the theme ‘Storytelling’ and the second was a course all about ‘Looking for light’. 

Day one, Storytelling:

“The event is not what happens. The event is that which can be narrated.” – Allen Feldman

Day one was focused on telling a story through the lens. Whether that was through taking one image, or a series. Telling a story through the lens is a great way for the teens to start to understand how to use their camera. We encouraged the teens to have this theme at the back of their minds at all times though the course, so that they were constantly thinking about how they could tell a story through their photos. 

We started the day by teaching the teens all about aperture and shutter speed. Two very important aspects of photography that completely shape what their photos look like and how they tell a story. First up, aperture. The teens learnt all about changing their f/number and the difference it makes to their images. It allows them to use depth of field to draw attention to a specific part of an image, or the opposite and keep everything in the frame focused.









We then focused on shutter speed. This can really add interest to your image by creating movement. It can represent motion or time in a photo- a great addition to any story image!









For the rest of the day was spent exploring London. Throughout this time the teens were given various photographic challenges to get them thinking about composition, camera settings and creating a story through their lens. Here are some of their amazing ‘Storytelling’ photographs!













Day two, Looking for light:

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” – Aaron Rose

Day two was focused on the many ways to beautifully capture light. Like day one, we started the day by teaching the teens all about aperture and shutter speed. Both of which are completely useless without light! 








The teens learnt how to put their camera in black and white, so they could see the difference the lack of colour makes to how their photo looks. As well as this they learnt how to over and under expose their photos to change the light manually. The teens were given photographic challenges like capturing shadows or silhouettes, using shade compared to direct sunlight, and playing with the difference flash makes. We head out around London so the teens could practice these skills!





The rest of the day was spent inside, black out blinds down, drawing with light and using rear-sync flash! 





It was a great 2 days and the teens have walked away having learnt an amazing new skill and with a great portfolio of images! If you’re kid or teen would enjoy taking part in one of our photography courses then head to our courses page and book them on now!