We are continuing our Easter Holiday photography courses with a Photographic Treasure Hunt at Hatchlands Park!

Hatchlands Park is a lovely venue and perfect for learning all about photography. The weather may have been very damp and the ground was muddy but nothing was going to stop us!


We started the day with our kids (ages 7-11) photography course. The kids were each given a list of photographic tasks to take throughout the morning. These included tasks like ‘photograph your reflection’, ‘a splash’, ‘black and white’, ‘a star jump’ and ‘a close up’. We talked them through which settings they would need to use throughout the course and then we head out into Hatchlands Park grounds to get snapping! 





The kids took some brilliant photographs, here are a few of their best:

Charlotte ‘Photograph a close up’

Charlotte ‘Make a tree look big’

Arabella ‘Photograph a splash’

Jake ‘Photograph a Landscape’

Izzy ‘Capture your reflection’

Holly ‘Pretend your camera is an ant’













In the afternoon we had our teens (age 12-15) photography course. Much like the kids course, the teenagers were given a photographic treasure hunt list full of photographic challenges. The teens list was slightly more complex than the kids as they learnt about controlling their cameras more manually by understanding shutter speeds and aperture. On their list they had tasks like ‘use aperture to blur your background’, ‘use shutter speed to capture water droplets’, ‘panning’ and ‘blurry focus’.





They had loads of fun learning the settings and taking photos they didn’t know they could. Here are some of their best shots:

Abi ‘Fast shutter speed’

Abi ‘Water droplets’

Abi ‘Frame within a frame’

Isabel ‘Close up’

Isabel ‘Capture a reflection’

Isabel ‘Use aperture to blur the background’

Josh ‘Fast shutter speed: Capture feet in the air’

Josh ‘Use a slow shutter speed to blur’

Josh ‘Panning’
















How amazing are these images? We are so impressed with the work our kids & teens have produced on this Hatchlands Park Photographic Treasure Hunt course. 

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