This week at our after school photography clubs we had a Photographic Treasure Hunt!

Our Photographic Treasure Hunt was made up of lots of photographic challenges for the kids to complete throughout the class. They were asked to complete each challenge before moving on to the next. Some of them were easy like take a photo of something red, and some were much harder like photograph your friends feet in the air or photograph a bug. The kids took on the challenge and a lot of them completed all the assignments! The challenges are all based around skills they have learnt throughout the term. Encouraging them to remember what they have learnt and how to use that skill. Their photos have been fab, we’ve been so impressed (as always)! 

Here are our Sharp Shooters (best photos) from this weeks Photographic Treasure Hunt:

Tillingbourne Junior School:

Harrison. Challenge: Blur

Sophie. Challenge: Reflection







St. Pauls Primary School:

Lily-Rose. Challenge: Pattern

Lottie. Challenge: Creepy







Holy Trinity Primary School:

Dylan. Challenge: Rule of Thirds

Julian. Challenge: Ants perspective







Bushy Hill Junior School:

Dylan. Challenge: Self timer

Kofi. Challenge: Make a tree look big







Luna. Challenge: Reflection

Sophie. Challenge: Close up







Boxgrove Primary School:

Aiden. Challenge: Creepy

Stefi. Challenge: A flower

Tegan. Challenge: Something rough







The children did amazing this week using skills learnt over the term to complete photographic challenges and the photographs they have taken are brilliant! If you love these photos, you’ll love our Instagram page! We post all our kids & teens photos, as well as little photos & videos of the kids & teens in action. Click here to find our page! If you’re interested in finding out more about our After School Photography Clubs then head to our After School Club page! We also run day workshops in schools, if this is something you would be interested in, head to our School Photography Workshops page.