If there is one thing our after school photo club kids are good at, it is moving around, so our week photographing “action” came very naturally to them all!! It’s a great way to get rid of a bit of energy after school too!

We taught the children to use the burst setting on our Nikon Coolpix cameras which allows them to take a series of shots in quick succession to capture movement of their subject. They worked in groups to set up their shots with the balls and colourful ribbons that fly around in the wind – and it’s been pretty windy recently which has helped! The children practice throwing the balls in the air whilst their partners take as many shots as they can to freeze the frame.

Some of the children got super creative and submitted some great shots of shadows and hair flicking too!

Check out our ‘Sharp Shooters’ below!

Red ball action shot sharp shots photo club

Elvis really managed to capture this ball in action!

after school club sharp shots photo club

We loved this shot from Varvara of the jumping shadow! So clever!

After school Photography Club Surrey

What a great action shot from Benjamin, of his brother kicking the football!

Sharp Shots Photo Club after school classes

We love how Leila has managed an action shot and a self portrait all in one by photographing her shadow whilst throwing the ball! Pretty impressive!


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