Bugs and Bubbles are 2 things that most children love to chase after so they make a great topic to keep our after school photo club kids engaged.

We split the group into 2 and whilst one group went off to hunt mini beasts with their cameras set to macro the other group popped their cameras on the burst mode in order to capture the quick moving bubbles floating up in the air.

The children really responded well to this topic and soon grasped the idea that a quick shutter speed and trigger finger was very necessary!

Take a look at what our snappers of the week came up with:

Sharp Shots Photo Club Bubbles and Bugs

Eleanor’s managed to get this shot whilst her partner held the bubble on her hands! Nice work Eleanor!


Sienna cleverly used the bubble setting to create and image of a bubble within a bubble!!

Sharp Shots Photo Club Bubbles and Bugs

Amalia had to use the flash to capture this fast moving woodlouse! Good job Amalia!

Sharp Shots Photo Club Bubbles and Bugs

Maidie wasn’t phased by the bright sunshine and caught this bubble right before it popped. Great composition here Maidie!