This week at after school photography club was all about photographing colour!

As photographers, we LOVE colour. Wether that’s loads of it, or none of it (black and white). It makes such a big impact to the images you take and is so important in photography. So what better way to start our after school photography clubs off than for the theme to be Photographing Colour!

To inspire the kids, we started off the session by showing them some colour photographs by famous photographers. This week the photographers we looked at were Adrian Sauer, Anthony Hernandez and, of course, William Eggleston.





We wanted to encourage the kids that you can take great bright colourful photographs of everyday things. Like the sky, a bright wall, or a table or bench! We use Nikon Coolpix W100 cameras for our photography clubs. These cameras are particularly good because they have loads of great settings on them to help the kids take some really interesting photos! A great setting for this weeks after school club is ‘More vivid’- this setting makes the colours in the photograph even more vivid!

Check out our amazing Sharp Shooters (best photos) from this week!

Tillingbourne Junior School:









St. Pauls CE Primary School:









Holy Trinity School:









Bushy Hill Junior School:









Boxgrove Primary School:









As always we are massively impressed with the after school club kids photographs. Remember to check us out on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up to date with what the kids are photographing throughout the week! And head to our YouTube channel for some photograph top tips for kids & teens!