Our students love photographing nature and yesterday’s course was no exception!

When it comes to photographing nature, there’s no better place to be than out amongst it! Yesterday our kids and teens courses were held at the perfect location of Borde Hill Garden, West Sussex.







Borde Hill Garden boasts an amazing house, but even better gardens. There were so many different types and colours of flowers, insects, sculptures, water features and more! Many opportunities for our students to capture the nature that surrounds the house and gardens. When photographing nature you need to understand which camera settings to use and when. So to start the day we talked all about aperture and shutter speed, as well as going over important compositional techniques.

Once the students had got the hang of these techniques, we head out to put them into practice!

The kids (ages 7-11) course was in the morning so they were first to explore the gardens and seek out all the nature on offer.

Finding creative perspectives

Trying to capture a butterfly

Photographing big landscapes

Using our underwater cameras to get creative!

Filling the frame with interesting surroundings

Capturing all the colour of Borde Hill











The teens took over the afternoon on our special 4 hour course. Loads of time to really get involved and take some awesome photographs.

Getting close to the beautiful flowers

Using fun angles to take creative shots

Capturing the fast moving bees and bugs!

Using aperture for great depth of field

Creative view points by the water feature

Using shutter speed to capture friends among the nature











Several water and snack breaks were needed throughout the course as it was a scorching hot day! But despite the heat, both the kids and teens were brilliantly creative, full of energy and eager to learn. They took some fantastic photographs they should be really proud of. Here are a few from our kids course:














Overall it was a fantastic day and the students all gave wonderful feedback. We are looking forward to our next photography course at Borde Hill Garden but until then, click here to see our full kist of upcoming courses.

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