Finally it feels like Summer is around the corner and for the first time this term the sun decided to come out to play properly during our after school photography club this week. There is still a little nip in the air but as the weeks progress I’m sure it will feel much warmer so what better topic to explore than ‘Summer Sun’.

We asked the students to consider what ‘Summer Sun’ means to them. How would they represent that in photographs? We looked at images of sun poking through the trees and discussed how translucent the leaves become in the sunshine. We talked about perspective and looking at where the light is coming from, how shooting up into a blue sky is really representative of a hot summer day! Then we headed outside with our cameras to make some pictures.

We were so impressed with how creatives our students got. We had a really varied set of pictures and some really considered compositions which was wonderful to see. Sadly I can only choose 2 sharp shooters but in all honesty there were lots and lots of fantastic images I could have chosen this week. Well done guys!

The first image is by one of our new students this term, Emily. We love how she has used the rule of thirds and set her focus off to the right. She has also used the close up setting and managed some sharp focus right into the centre of the dandelion clock. Well done Emily!

kids photography workshop

Our second Sharp Shooter is Lilah! What a beautiful shot of these irises in full bloom. We love how Lilah has decided to photograph these flowers from below so they’re set against the very blue sky. It represents Summer so well. Congratulations Lilah!!

children photography workshop

We post all our images from our after school clubs over in instagram so be sure to check them out!!