This week at our after school photography clubs we got very wet photographing water!

The after school club kids love photographing water, it’s so exciting! They get very wet without a care, and take some incredible photos. This theme works extra well as the cameras we use (Nikon Coolpix W100) are completely waterproof. Meaning the kids can soak them without a worry!

To inspire the kids we showed them some water photos by famous photographers, including Harold Edgerton, Naoya HatakeyamaPeter Marlow:

Harold Edgerton

Naoya Hatakeyama

Peter Marlow








We have done this theme at after school clubs before, but this time we made it extra interesting by introducing water balloons! The kids went mad for them and their photos are so cool! They photographed them exploding on the ground and walls, as well exploding in their hands. We also used buckets, cups and bottles to take creative underwater photographs. 

Check out our sharp shooters for the week!

Tillingbourne Junior School









St. Pauls Primary School









Holy Trinity Primary School









Bushy Hill Junior School









Boxgrove Primary School









Everyone has loved the theme this week and the photographs the kids have taken are incredible. If you love these photos, you’ll love our Instagram page! We post all our kids & teens photos, as well as little photos & videos of the kids & teens in action. Click here to find our page! If you’re interested in finding out more about our After School Photography Clubs then head to our After School Club page! We also run day workshops in schools, if this is something you would be interested in, head to our School Photography Workshops page!