Photographing with flash in winter time

This week at our after school photography clubs we were learning about photographing with flash in winter time. In the winter time when the sun goes down so quickly and the days are gloomy we have plenty of opportunities to use the flash.

To inspire the children we showed them some photographs by famous photographers like Martin Parr and Paolo Pellegrin.

Like this cake or mohawk by Martin Parr and the tree by Paolo Pellegrin.

You can do so much with a flash – like make the colours really pop out, or illuminate something that is in the shade. You can take pictures when it’s really dark outside and you don’t have a lot of light. We encouraged our kids to go out and try out different things and see what happens when you take pictures with flash. How the flash behaves if you take a close up or a landscape picture. The kids got really creative and playful with our Nikon Coolpix W150 Cameras. And they created some amazing winter times photos with flash.


































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