Photography workshops at Tatton in Knutsford

Pretty as a picture – Sharp Shots photography courses in an inspiring setting

Beautiful Cheshire is the setting for our photography courses at Tatton Park for kids and teens, offering professional tuition in one of the most inspiring places in the country.





Putting children in the frame

Photography courses at Tatton Park are a great way of teaching children or teenagers vital life skills including focus, concentration and hand-eye coordination.  Photography is a fantastic hobby for children of all ages – and many enthusiastic sharp-shooters go on to turn their passion into a career as a professional photographer; combining their love of photography with a lucrative income.

When instilling in a young person a love of photography, providing a variety of ‘models’ is vital. Many young people will begin by photographing the things around them – their friends, family and their toys and pets. Although this is fun for a while, many children tend to lose interest due to a lack of stimulating material to capture with their cameras.

Our photography courses at Tatton Park are designed to arm children or teenagers with the tools needed to become an accomplished photographer including composition and creativity.  In our fun and hands-on course, taught by a professional photographer, we help kids and teens to build the confidence to harness their own creativity whilst teaching the fundamentals of photography including:

  • The basics of camera mechanics
  • The use of camera settings
  • The fundamentals of composition
  • How to apply fun effects
  • How to take great photographs





Get them started on the fundamentals of photography and composition with our photography courses for kids or teens. We help children learn the basics of creative photography in a fun and relaxed workshop. At Sharp Shots, our simple message – compose, focus, and click – doesn’t just serve our young students well in their photography. Young people growing up in a fast-paced world need opportunities to develop their focus and composure, and our photography workshops for kids are the perfect way to build their creative skills alongside their confidence and character.

We run children’s and teenager’s photography workshops on a variety of topics year-round at amazing venues and museums throughout the UK and London. One of our enduring favourites is our photography workshop at Tatton Park.  Set in the sublime Cheshire countryside, built in 1884, the Grade I listed Tatton Hall is an impressive and imposing neo-classical building which is open to the public. Designed and built by Samuel Wyatt, Thomas Farnolls Pritchard, the hall is set in 50 acres of beautiful gardens, including the much loved Japanese garden.  This unique setting offers an incredible range of photography opportunities as well as a chance for the young photographers to discover the world around them.  Parents can explore Tatton Hall and enjoy a tour of the medieval old hall which dates back to the fifteenth century, as well as exploring the gardens and estate which lay close to the now vanished Tatton village.

After the tour, relax with a coffee in the Rose Garden Tea House as your children or teenagers spend their day mainly outdoors learning to capture nature through a lens including:

Flowers – Tatton Park’s vast array of vibrant and unusual flowers provide the perfect subject for budding photographers with lots of different shapes, colours and textures to explore.

19th Century Fernery– Tatton Park’s grounds include an extensive variety of ferns from Australia and New Zealand and children delight in capturing the different shades, lengths and textures of these ferns in their photographs.

Creating a buzz– During the course, children will have the opportunity to photograph birds, bugs, bees and beautiful butterflies, all of which are residents of Tatton Park.

Architecture– During our day, we’ll be capturing examples of stunning architecture; including Tatton Hall itself.

As we take in the incredible sights of Tatton Park, we’ll learn about:

Action shots – unfortunately, birds and bees rarely pause their busy schedules to pose for photographs – so, we’ll learn how to get great shots of our wildlife on the move.

Composition– we’ll learn how to frame and compose our pictures for the perfect photo-finish.

Blurring– we’ll explore the art of blurring the backgrounds of our photos for more depth and interest.

Setting the scene– we’ll take a look at the different settings on our cameras and, how they can be used for optimum results for our photographs.

Colour– we’ll experiment with colour and black and white photography in order to see the different textures that can be achieved.

Atmosphere– we’ll discover how clouds and sunshine come together to create light and shade on the things that we’re photographing – and we’ll learn to use this light and shade to our advantage in our photographs.

During our kids or teens photography workshops we’ll combine a fun day in the great outdoors with confidence building tips and techniques to help your child make the most of their great new hobby.





Your child or teenager is welcome to bring along his or her own camera or, we can supply one for the day for an additional £5 (kids compact camera) or £10 (teens DSLR).  If borrowing a camera from us, your child’s precious photographs will be sent to you by email within 24 hours.  Although we check the long term weather forecast before booking outdoor courses, this can, of course, be unpredictable.  In the event of inclement weather, alternative arrangements will be made for the course.

It really is impossible to exaggerate just what a rewarding hobby photography can be for your child and, all of our venue and online courses are designed to harness your child’s natural creativity and turn it into something fantastic.

We run photography courses for children or teenagers all year round as well as some fun and educational online courses for your child to complete in their own time.

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