Hey there, young photographers! Are you excited for summer vacation?

Photography for children - boy taking photo of garden

It’s the perfect time to go on adventures and capture amazing memories with your camera. Whether you have a cool camera or a phone, you can learn some fun techniques to take awesome photos. Let’s dive into some fun tips and tricks to make your summer vacation unforgettable with photography for children!


photography classes for kids online - two children taking photos by lakeSuper Fun Photography Classes for Kids Online

Did you know we offer photography classes for kids online? Sharp Shots’ classes can help you learn more cool tips and tricks for taking fantastic photos. You can find lessons on everything from how to hold your camera to how to take the best pictures of your favourite things. Photography for children is so much fun, and our classes make it even better. Now, let’s learn some great photography ideas!


girl silhouetted at sunsetMagic Moments: Sunrise or Sunset

One of the most magical times to take photos is during sunrise or sunset. The sky fills with beautiful colours, making it the perfect backdrop for your pictures. Try using the sunset setting on your camera if you have one.

How about creating cool silhouettes? Get your friends or family to stand in front of the sunset. They will look like dark shapes against the colourful sky. It’s super cool and looks very artistic! Our photography classes for kids online will help you learn more cool tips about how to take amazing photos like these.

Top Photo Tip: Use the rule of thirds to make your photos look amazing. Imagine your screen is divided into three sections, from left to right and from the top to the bottom – like a grid. Place the horizon of your sunrise or sunset along one of these lines instead of in the middle. This makes your photo more interesting!


photography for children - jumping on the beach

Fun Portraits

Family vacations are all about spending time with the people you love. Why not take some great portraits of your family? Try posing them with the sun behind them for a nice glow or use the flash if they’re in the shade.

Here’s a fun idea… take ‘doing’ photographs! This means taking pictures of the people in your family while they are doing something fun, like playing on the beach, building a sandcastle, or eating ice cream as it drips everywhere!. These action shots tell a story and show your family having a great time. Photography for children is all about capturing these happy moments that you can look back on when you are older. 

Another cool idea is to get everyone to do something silly, like jumping in the air or making funny faces. These photos are always a big hit and show how much fun your family is having on vacation. Don’t forget to take a few close-ups of everyone’s happy faces, too. It’s all part of the joy of photography for children!


Photography classes for kids online - seaside landscapeMy Point of View

What can you see from the car, your spot on the beach, the window of your hotel or from your tent? These views are part of your vacation adventure! 

Take a picture of what you see from where you’re sitting. It could be some green trees, a busy street, a cute animal, a cosy campsite or your parents. These photos are like your own special postcards of your journey and will help you remember all the places you visited. Photography for children lets you see the world through your camera, turning your adventures and summer vacations into colourful, fun and cool photos. 


photography for children - close up on flowerExploring Nature Up Close

Nature is full of beautiful things just waiting to be photographed. Whether it’s trees, the beach, grass, or flowers, there’s so much to explore! Our photography classes for kids online can teach you how to capture these wonders with skill and creativity.

Top Photo Tip: Get close and show us what you see. Use the flower setting on your camera or get really close with your phone. You’ll be amazed at the details you can capture, like the patterns on a leaf or the petals of a flower. Nature photos are a great way to show off your photography skills. 


Catching the Actiondog shaking water off

Summer vacations are full of action! Maybe there are cars or motorcycles zooming by, waves crashing on the shore, or horses running. Capturing movement can be tricky, but it’s super fun to play around with it. 

Top Photo Tip: If you are using a camera, try using the action setting to freeze the motion. This way, you can catch a car in mid-zoom or a wave in mid-splash. Water always looks really cool when you capture it quickly! Your action photos will be full of life and excitement.


Cool Photographers to Get Ideas From

Even the best photographers started somewhere – and the next one could be you! Here are two famous photographers you can learn from:

Martin Parr

Martin Parr is known for his colourful and fun photos of everyday life. He loves taking pictures of people on vacation, just like you! Look at his work to get ideas for your own vacation photos. Remember, photography for children can be as creative and exciting as you like!

photograph for children - martin parr collage of photos

Robert Frank

Robert Frank took amazing black and white photos that captured real moments in people’s lives. His work shows how powerful and interesting simple photos can be. Try taking some black and white photos during your vacation. You might find that they tell a special story too!

collage of robert frank photos


photography for children - girl jumping at sunsetKeep Learning and Have Fun!

With these tips and a bit of practice, you’ll be taking fantastic photos in no time. Photography for children is all about having fun and capturing the world around you. We have lots of different fun and exciting photography classes for kids online that can help you learn even more cool tricks to take great photos of your friends, family, animals, flowers and more!

So grab your camera, go on some awesome adventures, and make this summer vacation one to remember with your amazing photos!

Happy snapping!