Photography Top Tips!

Did you receive a new camera or phone for Christmas and want to learn some awesome top tips about how to take amazing photographs? Well then this blog is for you!

Below are some of our TOP TIPS for photographing Winter!

  1. Capture the frost. Get out early before it melts! Use the flower setting on your camera and get close to the frost, making the frost the central subject.Check out Zoe’s brilliant frost photograph!

winter photography top tips

  1. Go for a walk during the “golden hour,” and capture the sunset as dips below the trees. Try positioning the horizon either at the top or the bottom of the frame, using the “rule of thirds” like Adam has in his warm winter sunset shot. Also try using the landscape or sunset setting on your camera so your image will be super sharp.

  1. Use the black and white setting during winter. It’s a great way to add contrast, and will make the world around you look completely different.Lily photographed some Silver Birch trees on a walk, and by using the black and white setting, the trees really stand out in the image.

4. Still have your Christmas lights up? Why not get creative by creating some light drawings with them? Use a slow shutter speed or no flash/ firework setting and move your camera at the same time as taking the photo – like Ella has in this eye catching photograph!

Light drawing

If these photography top tips have got you excited about using your camera or phone to make creative images, then how about joining us on one of our photography courses to learn more? Click here for more information!