We’ve been teaching photography webinar workshops for teens since the lockdown started, and it’s been wonderful! We’ve been teaching teens photography online all over the country, and each workshop is a different topic. We’ve taught Nature photography, capturing action, colour photography, storytelling, black and white photography, still life photography and many more!

It’s been really inspiring teaching teens more about photography every Saturday morning through our photography webinar workshops. We start each workshop chatting about cameras, and how we’d like to improve, and then move on to looking at famous photographers images, and chatting about how the photographers took the photographs. Each workshop’s material is different, if we are teaching the action photography workshop, shutter speeds and burst settings are discussed, versus the colour photography is all about using aperture and saturation levels. There is so much to learn about your camera and composition, our webinar workshops are just a starter!

After each student knows where to find the specific camera setting and is inspired and ready to go – they spend 45 minutes at home or in the garden taking photos and following our “photographic brief” for the particular photographic theme. All tasks can be done indoors or outdoors and family members are also encouraged to partake! Once the photographer has completed the brief, they are encouraged to upload their photos to their computer and join the webinar for 45 minutes of feedback from the tutor. It’s great as all the students share their top 5 photos from the brief, and get to see what the other students photographed too! The tutor provides feedback and further inspiration for each student, helping them to understand how they can push their photographic knowledge and talent even further.

Students finish the 2.5 hour webinar with a quiz and a downloadable review booklet so they can look back on the skills they were taught at any point.

If your teen would like to join us, check out our current photography webinar workshops here: https://www.sharpshotsphotoclub.co.uk/teens-photography-webinar-workshops/

Here are some testimonials from our brilliant photographers:

“Thank you for today. Elena really enjoyed today’s course and is looking forward to the next week course. Will definitely do some more in the future.”  – Kat

I found this webinar really informative and I learnt how to use light to my advantage. I also liked using a range of materials.” – Isobel

“I had a lot of fun this morning on the webinar. I feel more confident and comfortable when using my camera now knowing what all the different settings do!” – Martha

“Thank you very much for the webinar today.  I really enjoyed it and it was really interesting.” – Gareth

“One of the things I really enjoyed about the workshop was being able to experiment with the shutter speed. I’m really looking forward to the next one that I do.” – Claire

I really enjoyed this webinar. It was simple to understand and I learnt lots of new things that are really useful. – Isobel

“I forgot to say how much she enjoyed and learnt with the last Storytelling webinar, so thank you for that. I can’t wait to get back to work to get my really good camera for her to practice on!” -Anna

“Very good! Loved doing the tasks and being able to take photos! Lots of time to ask questions and good teacher!! Thanks!”-Martha

Check out our students great images from the webinars we’ve taught so far!

black and white photography webinar for teens

Nature Photography webinar for teens Nature Photo webinar workshop for teens

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