We spent a lovely morning in Richmond learning how to capture street photography using camera mechanics and composition.

We started the class with shutter speed facts and how introducing blur through panning or motion can really add interest to an image. Our students loved capturing the bicyclists dressed up as father Christmas as they cycled along the road, using the panning technique to really focus in on their moving subjects. We also looked at well known street photographs by Elliot Erwitt, Lee Friedlander and Matt Stuart

Elliot Erwitt

Lee Friedlander

Matt Stuart






We also taught our students how to take photographs in black and white, rather than colour, as it can change the feel and emotion of an image. This is important to recognise whilst taking rather than in postproduction. 

Our students loved looking at Elliot Erwitt’s images that portrayed playfulness and wit. They changed their perspective to capture the various pets they met out on our walk. Getting down low, really makes the dogs take on their own persona and highlights their fun expressions. Our students loved the use of colour and shadows in Matt Stuart’s street photos, and worked to incorporate it in their own too. 
It was a great workshop, well done to everyone and make sure to take a peek at their great images below!
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