The Alternative Selfie Photography competition with The Royal Photographic Society

This Summer we ran a fantastic photography competition with The Royal Photographic Society and Nikon School. ‘The Alternative Selfie’ called for young people, aged between 7-15 years, to capture a series of images that tell the story of who they are, going beyond the standard ‘selfie’. It is an exploration of identity and the self, expressing who they are through a photographic story made up of 3 – 5 images. We wanted the kids and teens to express themselves through their style, hobbies, music- whatever it is that makes up who they are.

The prizes up for grabs were kindly donated by Nikon & RPS. The kids (7-11) prize was a Nikon Coolpix W100 camera and an RPS goodybag. The teens (12-15) prize was a Nikon P900 camera and an RPS goodybag.

We had so many brilliant entires and it was hard to choose the winners, but here they are!

The Photography Competition winner for the kids (7-11) category is:

11 year old Adam! Here’s what Adam says about his photographs: “Expressing my love for travel, aspirations for the future, my love of watches and relaxing with the Xbox.”

We really felt we got a good idea of who Adam is without even seeing his face. Here are his photographs:

The Photography Competition winner for the teens (12-15) category is:

14 year old Antoine! Here is what Antoine says about his photographs:

“Photo 1.Fatigue when I wake up in the morning. I used shutter speed to alter the way my face looked and create a distorted but artistic photo to show fatigue and how it affects me??

Photo 2.My love for fashion,especially street fashion. I shot this photo in monochrome with a low ISO to create a shadow and make the t shirt design stand out?

Photo 3. I drink coffee every morning to start the day. I again shot this photo in monochrome to show that if I don’t drink coffee in the morning I am a dark,grumpy and annoyed person which is why it is in black and white☕️

Photo 4. I always go out to take photos wherever I am. Whenever I find that always going out and taking photos especially in the wild can be really helpful for anyone who is going through stress as seeing the scenery and as a result getting a great photo is really rewarding, which is why I changed aperture to show me and then the amazing scenery in the background?

Photo 5.Basketball is my favourite sport and I have never had the chance to express this through a photo. I took this shot on aperture 3.5 to really focus on my hand and the basketball while blurring the background,I then shot on quite a low ISO for a shadow effect?”

We are really impressed with the time, effort and skill that has clearly gone in to making this brilliant photographic series. Here are his photographs:










Congratulations to our winners and to everyone who entered the photography competition with The Royal Photographic Society and Nikon School. Also a big thank you to Nikon School for donating the camera prizes!

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