After-School Photograhy Clubs

Sharp Shots run after-school photography clubs at a number of schools in Surrey and West Sussex. Our main focus is to allow students to enable their creativity through photography, as well as having fun of course! The after-school club runs every term on a weekly basis. Each week brings new, exciting and fun material for the children to photograph.

Each student will be provided with a digital camera and a theme, it is then up to them to find their own way of following the theme within photography! Examples of themes may be linked to the season. For example, a theme could be to capture the beautiful autumn colours, the colourful and blooming spring or the warm and sunny summer! In the event of poor weather outside, the teacher will supply the children with loads of fun camera props to create a theme indoors.

In-person Afterschool Photography Clubs

Sharp Shots offer afterschool photography clubs at a range of schools across Surrey and West Sussex. The classes are designed to provide children with a safe space to explore their creativity and have fun whilst learning about the important art form! Each student will be provided with a digital camera for use during each session.

Everywhere we go we are surrounded by amazing photos, on social media, walking down the street, on TV… you get the idea! We want to teach the students how to recognise and take their own amazing photos. By learning the basics and being guided through fun and informative tasks, the children will be able to take full advantage of their creativity!

Online Zoom Afterschool Photography Club

We also run a weekly afterschool photography club using Zoom! This allows students to take part in the club regardless of where they live. The Zoom classes will teach students useful skills and fundamental knowledge about photography. Each class will consist of teaching from professionals, fun and interactive quizzes and also photographically tasks and assignments to carry out during the class! To participate all you need is any camera or a smartphone!

As each student will be taking photos during the club there will be an opportunity for students to share their work with the rest of the group and the teacher, who will be there to provide instant feedback for the students.

Bespoke School Workshops

Sharp Shots also provide bespoke photography workshops for schools. The workshops are a brilliant way for schools to enhance their curriculum with a fun-filled and interactive opportunity for the students to get creative with a camera! We will provide cameras for all of the students and teach them about the history of photography, how a camera works and how to operate it as well as many other key skills that will help with their photo-taking! We offer full-day and half-day workshops. Please press the button below to find out more!

Testimonials & Video

“Just a quick email to say how much I enjoyed presenting the photo journals this week! They are stunning! The children have really enjoyed the club so thank you for making it all happen. Thanks for the extra copy – it’s a lovely record for the school” – Clare (Holy Trinity Head Teacher)

“Ed loved today’s session, thank you!” – Claire

“Thanks for the class today, my daughter really enjoyed it.” -Jade

“Wow!!! Super proud of my girl’s photography journals they brought home today!!! They have thoroughly enjoyed the first term of Sharp Shots photo club! They’ve learnt so much already and are right budding photographers! Signed up for another term and they can’t wait! Thank you! Would highly recommend this club! 👍 – Lara (Parent)