This week our theme has been selfies in our photography for kids after school club and we have had some very imaginative images. The children were asked to write down 10 things they liked about themselves and translate each of those things into a photograph. Not only did it give them a chance to explore more functions on their cameras, but to also explore themselves. They all helped each other as well, describing what they liked about their friends, which was a big confidence boost for them all. After they had completed their lists they all took selfies together in groups too so they could include their friends. All the children are responding well with teamwork and are making sure to incorporate it into all of their after school photography classes which is great.

Here are some of the images the children have created so far this week in our photography for children club. You can see them all in our gallery here or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for more updates on our photography after school classes and photography courses for children.